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Monday, June 1, 2009

What is art?

You may discover that art isn't what you thought it is. It is not for a rich few. Art is not exclusive to the exceptionally gifted or talented. It is for everyone. Anyone can enjoy art.

Art has to do with the unique, with imagination, creative thinking, sense of humour and what happens to us and around us every day.

It is your original marks, the way you interpret shape, color, contrast, or the lack of it, etc. It can be an expression of anger, joy, frustration, pain, or passion.

Experiment with art, have fun, your biggest flops will teach you the most. Above all, enjoy the creative process and do whatever makes you happy.

Art does not have to be ornamental, art does not have to shock, art does not have to revolt you, art does not have to be "pretty", art only needs to be real.

Art is the translation between the eye and the hand (or whatever you use to create); what you see and how you depict it in your creation, whether that be on paper, canvas, wood, marble, soap, ceramic, or any other thing, or a combination of these.

If you try and draw, paint, sculpt like someone else, you will feel what it feels like to create in a different way, it can be very close, but it will never be the same. Find your own style and your own way of expression. You may find that it filters through to other areas of your life too.

Above all......enjoy!

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