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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Process Oriented Art


What does this mean?

Doing creative, fun things where no artistic training and/or perceived ability is an advantage. It means honouring the child within. Its finding a means of self-expression; more about the process of making-your-mark at a fundamental, metaphorical level. It could also assist in letting go of trauma through the use of symbolism.

This is a very handy activity to do if

  • you need a way of expressing yourself and let go of bottled-up emotions in a friendly way

  • you just want to have fun without a pre-conceived agenda, but getting the benefits anyhow

  • you have a smaller budget for materials and art supplies

NOTE: Practising art in some form is as important to health and well-being as is exercise, earning a living, and spiritual practice.

Who will benefit?

  • Artists, writers, creative people who have hit the block.
  • Anyone in need of a bit of inspiration.

  • People like you and me who need space for themselves to just BE.

  • Psychologists/Psychiatrist and Therapists for the release and for healing themselves and their clients.

  • Clients of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and other Therapists to asist the release of subconscious material that can be dealt with in subsequent sessions.

This artform is also a catalyst for transformation, releasing trauma through self-expression


See more examples - click on the following link:
Process Oriented Art examples

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Unknown said...

Wow, these artists produce creative and extraordinary work. I wish them all the best for the future. Alberto